WWYD as a Healthcare Worker?

WWYD as a Healthcare Worker

What Would You Do as a Healthcare Worker?

New admit comes in (70 y/o male, Dx COPD, A fib, Aspiration Pneumonia, A/O x3). The family members are very particular and demanding. In fact they are in the process of suing the health care establishment he just discharge from. The patient has assigned his daughter as power of attorney. The daughter comes to the nurses station to request her father is changed immediately. The nurse calls for an aide to room (a newly hired and graduated aide, with no experience). The nurse aide comes in and observes six people in the room (patients son, daughter, in-laws and a 9 year old boy.

The nurse aide assesses the patient and notices he has BM from his back down. She attempts to change him, then tells the family she will come back with help. The nurse aide asks other aide and the nurse to help to no avail. Finally she convinces the nurse aide assigned to patient to come from her break to help. So they both go, nurse aide #2 has a quite noticeable distain due to the fact she had to come off break.

They eventually finish with the job. Thereafter the following day, they get called in to directors office, citing they are under investigation related the new admit and family complaints of being too rough and how it created emotional scar on the 9 y/o little boy (grandson).

Eventually the aides were exonerated, but tell us how what would you do to handle this situation better, and what were the mistakes?




  1. Venus Carrasquillo

    First, as a new nurse aide, I would have requested the nurse assist me with her patient if the assigned CNA was not available. Second, if the nurse was not available, and the assigned CNA was not available as well, I would inform the charge nurse of my inexperience to deal with the situation. Finally, if I had to provide this patient care, I would have asked the family members to step out of the room to give the patient privacy. Then, I would make sure not to start care until I had plenty of supplies, and advised the patient and the family that I would try to assist the patient to get comfortable, and give as much care as I could until another staff member could help me to move the patient from side to side as needed.