Nurse Aide


Our 104 hour Nursing Aide Course, approved by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS), and Texas Workforce Commissions (TWC), is an occupational preparatory program offered by Stone Academy in which after successful completion of our program, students will be eligible to take the Texas Skills Examination and National Nurse Assessment program (NNAAP) written or (or Oral) Examination for the Texas Nurse Aide exam (written and skills). Graduates of our state approved Nurse Aide program that successfully become certified by passing the state competency examination may find entry-level employment as a Certified Nurse Aide in the healthcare field in which certification is required.

Admission Availability

No one is guaranteed admission by meeting the minimum requirements of a high school/GED diploma or equivalent or by passing the TABE exam. Often, there are not enough applicants to hold a class, if enrollment quota is below 6 applicants classes may be cancelled until the next successive class where quota is met. There may also be times, were we have more applicants than available seats. Many factors are taken into consideration for admission by Instructor/Director such as applicants will be assessd based on their readiness to succeed; Interview conducted by Director/Instructor; attendance to orientations and other required appointments/tests; and submission of time sensitive materials (e.g. immunizations, Diploma, transcripts etc).

Per Departiment of Aging and Disability Services, Stone Academy must make sure applicant:

*is not listed on the NAR in revoked status;

*is not listed as unemployable on the EMR;

Texas Health and Safety Code (THSC), §250.006(a), or convicted of a criminal offense listed in THSC, §250.006(b) within the five years immediately before participating in the NATCEP.