Nurse Aide Documentation

COURSE OBJECTIVE: The objective of this course is for nurse aides to capture the understanding and essence of documentation. This course is  designed for nurse aides as caregivers on an entry level in order to protect and serve the clients themselves and the entity they work for.

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Licenses & Approvals

This course is designed to serve the certified nurse aide community in the US and anywhere applicable. When this course is complete, you should meet the requirements for your state. Please check with your state board or registry for approved use of this 1 hour service on CNA Documentation outside of Texas. We are a brick and mortar school located and approved by Texas Workforce Center Career School and Colleges #S3653, Department of Aging and Disability Services of Texas #3661,TWC WIOA, and Veterans Affairs. We, Stone Academy Nurse Aide Program & Inservices, are a brick and mortar school specializing Nurse Aide training in which we have honed in on the true essence of being and becoming the best nurse aide.


Our Mission

Our mission at Stone Academy to provide individuals who answer the call with reputable and quality medical related education hence producing highly qualified medical professionals. By launching individuals indoctrinated with compassion and positive interpersonal skills will ultimately contribute to improve the quality of life for the people they care for, while preserving the dignity to the healthcare industry.

Our Audience

The reason we created these lessons in a entry level fashion is to not intimidate the reader, this can prohibit the learner from grasping the information. Our purpose is to teach you without using trickery, we want you to be great at your craft. Our instructors and contributors truly believe that everyone can be reached, it just takes longer or information must be delivered in a different way.

Course Objective

The purpose of this course is to provide basic information about nurse aide documentation in the healthcare setting. Although this course is created to serve the nurse aide, other healthcare professionals are welcome to learn in this easy to understand environment. This course is intended to increase knowledge and understanding of documentation in healthcare.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the learner should be able to;

  1. Outline and create effective nurse aide documentation
  2. Review reports and documentation related to the client
  3. Analyze client care plan
  4. Analyze caregiver client reports
  5. Analyze caregiver client repots
  6. Identify common nursing diagnosis, phrases and vocabulary
  7. Compare nurse aide documentation within other health care specific industries.
  8. Distinguish between various types documentation
  9. Identify signs and symptoms to document
  10. Identify rules and legalities in documentation
  11. Evaluate client and document accordingly
  12. Review documentation example
  13. Evaluate what and when to document
  14. Review CHART & ORDER (our law and order of documentation)
  15. Describe the practice of documentation in admission and discharging
  16. Discussion on Nurse Aide Diaries (real experiences to learn


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Course Materials

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